Introduction to the Moog One, the Ultimate Moog Synthesizer

By Brennan Galley, SFM Market Development Specialist - Retail I was introduced to the Moog One after a flight from Toronto, Ontario Canada to Asheville, North Carolina USA. Moog runs a Moog pro certification training out of their factory there and I was invited to join the group. There were speculations about a new synth but the information was vague and unreliable. Still, I was very excited for the [...]

January 14, 2021|

SFM is pleased to announce the release of the new HYRDA reverb/tremolo pedal from Keeley

Built on the same platform as the recently released ECCOS delay, the new, feature-rich HYDRA combines stereo, high-fidelity reverb and tremolo to add space and dimension to your guitar, bass, or keyboard signal. After completing the ECCOS delay, the Keeley team wanted to craft the perfect companion pedal, and they did just that with this new, feature-rich blue box. Bathe your sound in Spring, Plate [...]

November 17, 2020|

Moog’s Most Affordable Synthesizer Is Here Just in Time for the Holidays

Moog’s popular and accessible Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Kit and CV Expander return for a limited time, inviting all to get hands-on with the legendary Moog sound. Werkstatt-01 and its accompanying CV Expander are bundled together and will be available early November. Werkstatt-01 is a patchable and compact analog synthesizer. A gateway into the expansive world of analog synthesis, the instrument is a must-have for anyone interested [...]

October 29, 2020|

Moog Introduces Claravox Centennial Theremin

One of the first known electronic musical instruments, the theremin has seen a remarkable century as the otherworldly sound adored in film and TV soundtracks, a staple of avant-garde music, and a sonic companion for groundbreaking moments in world history. To commemorate the instrument’s 100th anniversary, pioneering electronic musical instrument company Moog Music introduces Claravox Centennial—a celebration of the theremin’s past, present, and future. This year marks [...]

October 22, 2020|

A True-Blue Icon: The Harmony Comet has arrived!

Also, a New Flame Maple Top Standard Series is Available for a Limited Time. Harmony recently announced the market release of the latest additions to their Standard Series guitars--the Harmony Comet and for a limited time, the Flame Maple Top Standard Series. Familiar, dynamic and infinitely playable, the Harmony Comet is a delight to anyone looking to expand their tonal palette. Inspired by the original Harmony [...]

October 20, 2020|

Animals Pedal Launches Wren and Cuff-designed Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Bender

Japanese effects manufacturer Animals Pedal has introduced the Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Bender fuzz pedal. The new pedal is the result of a collaboration between Animals Pedal and Matthew Holl of U.S. boutique builder Wren and Cuff.  The Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Bender reproduces the famed mid-60's, germanium Tone Bender sound, but using a silicon chip. Featuring FUZZ and VOLUME controls, as well as a SMOOTH knob which adjusts [...]

September 30, 2020|

New Design for Moog’s Semi-Modular Keyboard Synthesizers Harkens Back to the Classics

Moog Music’s new Dark Series design for their popular Matriarch and Grandmother analog synthesizers pays tribute to the timeless aesthetic of legacy Moog modular systems. The instruments are now available worldwide. Plus, Moog debuts the first protective cases custom made for Matriarch and Grandmother. Today, Moog Music announced a new addition to its line of semi-modular keyboard synthesizers. Dark Series for Matriarch and Grandmother strikes the [...]

September 24, 2020|

SFM Named Exclusive Canadian Distributor of SquarePlug™ Connectors by KMMK Solutions

SFM is pleased to announce its appointment as the exclusive Canadian distributor of the smallest soldered ¼" connector created to date: the SquarePlug™ line of connectors by KMMK. Specializing in the design and manufacturing of innovative solutions for the musical instrument (MI) and pro audio industries, Paris-based KMMK first launched the SquarePlug™ line of connectors in 2017. Featuring a unique proprietary design, the comprehensive line consists of ¼" TS [...]

May 11, 2020|

SFM Announced as Exclusive Canadian Distributor for Two notes Audio Engineering

Regarded as pioneers in the Digital Load Box and Cab Sim / Impulse Response technology space, French company Two notes Audio Engineering is delighted to name Montreal’s SFM as its new, exclusive distributor for Canada. Founded in 2008, Two notes offer guitarists, bass players and sound engineers a suite of studio-grade hardware and software products, all designed for tone hounds. At NAMM 2020, the company released the [...]

April 14, 2020|

Koch unveiled and begun shipping its new Ventura amplifier

Koch Amps, the Dutch-based professional tube amp manufacturer, has unveiled and begun shipping its new Ventura amplifier.The new Koch Ventura amplifier is the first Koch amp based on 6V6 power-amp. For many players, a 6V6 powered combo is an American classic thanks largely to the small wattage combo’s built in the USA in the ’50s and mid-’60s.The Koch Ventura is a 20W 1x12" combo with Baltic Birch construction. Ventura is [...]

September 17, 2019|

SFM Appointed as Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Teisco

SFM is proud to announce its appointment as the exclusive Canadian distributor of Teisco. Teisco (テスコ) started out as a Japanese manufacturer of affordable musical instruments in 1948. These included guitars, basses, amplifiers, synths and at one point, even drums. Known for its electronic innovation and unconventional aesthetic, it became popular with artists and musicians as an affordable yet more experimental option. Teisco continues to enjoy strong collectors’ interest [...]

July 22, 2019|

SFM Appointed as Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Harmony

SFM is proud to announce its appointment as the exclusive Canadian distributor of Harmony. Established in the USA in 1892, Harmony is warmly remembered by many musicians for starting their lifelong journey into music. Up until the mid-70s, Harmony produced more instruments than any other company in existence, crafting anything from archtops to flat-tops, ukuleles, banjos and violins. Harmony continues to popularize fretted instruments and make them [...]

July 22, 2019|

SFM Appointed as Exclusive Canadian Distributor of BandLab Machines

SFM is proud to announce its appointment as the exclusive Canadian distributor of BandLab Machines. BandLab Machines is the new hardware division of BandLab, the all-in-one social music creation platform. The first product range under the BandLab Machines banner is the BandLab Link series of digital and analog audio interfaces. Featuring only the highest quality components like Neutrik combo jacks and BandLab’s proprietary coiled and shielded cables, [...]

July 22, 2019|

One Control Introduces BJF-S66 Amp Head

Japanese switcher and effect pedal company One Control, in collaboration with renowned electronics designer Björn Juhl, has introduced its first ever guitar amp head: the BJF-S66. Over the past few decades, renowned electronics designer Björn Juhl has crafted and designed amplifiers for famous players and studio performers all over the world, but the price points of his hand-made amplifiers have put them out of reach of the majority of [...]

July 9, 2019|

Keeley Unveils Two Custom Shop Edition Canadian Exclusive Pedals

Keeley Electronics, the U.S. maker of world-class guitar & bass effects pedals, has teamed up with their Canadian distributor SFM to release two Limited Custom Shop Edition pedals, available exclusively in Canada. The special edition of the recently-released Fuzz Bender 3-transistor hybrid fuzz pedal sports a custom red and black plaid finish, adding a subtle touch of Canadiana. In honour of the 49th parallel, only 49 units of the [...]

June 12, 2019|

NEW MusicNomad Acousti-Lok Strap Lock Adapters

MusicNomad, the musical instrument equipment care company, has begun shipping its new, patent-pending Acousti-Lok strap lock adapters. Acousti-Lok gives users the safety and flexibility of using strap locks with their acoustic guitar, without having to permanently modify it. “We have seen so many guitarists drill another hole and permanently modify their guitar so they can use strap locks”, says MusicNomad founder, Rand Rognlien. “We developed a simple solution that [...]

June 3, 2019|

One Control Now Shipping Silver Bee OD Pedal

Japanese switcher and effect pedal company One Control, in collaboration with renowned pedal designer Björn Juhl, is now shipping the newest addition to its BJFe collection of effects: the Silver Bee OD. From the tonal palette of the analog effects master Juhl, Silver Bee takes players for a fresh spin around the low-gain overdrive race track. Drawing from his very sought-after Honey Bee OD design, Juhl conceived the Silver [...]

May 2, 2019|

Outlaw Effects Launches Four New Pedals

Montreal-based effects pedal company Outlaw Effects will introduce a foursome of new guitar pedals at the 2019 NAMM Show. DUMBLEWEED Overdrive is inspired by one of the most sought-after (and expensive) sounds in rock & roll: the D-style American tube amp. Like the amps that inspired it, Dumbleweed gives you a complete, dynamic range of drive tones, from subtle break-up to robust, fuzzy dirt. Standard Gain, Tone and Volume [...]

January 23, 2019|

One Control Launches Blue 360 Amp-in-a-Box Bass Preamp Pedal

Japanese switcher and effect pedal company One Control, in collaboration with pedal designer Björn Juhl, has introduced the newest addition to its BJF collection of effects: the Blue 360 AIAB bass preamp pedal. The newest member of One Control's rapidly growing collection of Amp-in-a-Box (AIAB) style pedals, Blue 360 reproduces the sound of the legendary Acoustic 360 preamp. Paired with the 361 powered cabinet, the Acoustic 360 may be [...]

January 23, 2019|

Animals Pedal Launches Vintage Van Driving is Very Fun Overdrive

Japanese effects manufacturer Animals Pedal has introduced the Vintage Van Driving is Very Fun Overdrive pedal. This versatile overdrive/boost pedal delivers an array of tone-enriching sounds, ranging from clean boost to medium gain dirt. The pedal responds well to both single coil and humbucker pickups, delivering a sharp, thick tone through the former and a musical attack with smooth, silky sustain through the latter. Vintage Van Driving is Very [...]

January 23, 2019|

AER Introduces Colourful Versions of Compact 60 Amp

German amp manufacturer AER - The Acoustic People will introduce a number of coloured cabinet versions of its best-selling Compact 60 acoustic amp at the 2019 NAMM Show. The powerful little 60W acoustic amp - trusted by pro players around the globe including Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Johnson, Monte Montgomery, John Oates, Al Di Meola, and more - will now be available in a variety of eye-catching colours, including: High [...]

January 23, 2019|