Montreal, Quebec ─ March 2, 2021 ─ Japanese effects company Animals Pedal has introduced two new stompboxes, both designed for the brand by U.S. pedal makers: Diamond Peak Hybrid Overdrive and Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster.

Diamond Peak Hybrid Overdrive is the latest collaboration between Animals and Nevada-based Skreddy Pedals™. The pedal is based on another Skreddy design, the Major Overdrive, but features less gain and more headroom. This is a versatile drive with a classic, mild, cranked-amp voice that exudes British tube amp tone. Diamond Peak delivers plenty of crunch without getting fuzzy, muddy, or compressed, and is ideal for ultimate hot blues/rock sounds centered around the midrange that sparkle when the amp begins to break up.

Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster is a classic one-knob clean boost pedal designed by Matthew Holl of Wren and Cuff™. The pedal thickens the natural tone without affecting the balance of high, mid, and low frequencies, boosting up to +15 dB, and achieving an array of vintage tones. This is the third collaboration between Animals and California’s Wren and Cuff, following previous releases Tioga Road Cycling Distortion and Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Bender.

Diamond Peak Hybrid Overdrive and Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster will begin shipping to U.S. and Canadian dealers in early March 2021.

Diamond Peak Hybrid Overdrive

Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster