Japanese effects manufacturer Animals Pedal has introduced the Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Bender fuzz pedal.

The new pedal is the result of a collaboration between Animals Pedal and Matthew Holl of U.S. boutique builder Wren and Cuff.  The Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Bender reproduces the famed mid-60’s, germanium Tone Bender sound, but using a silicon chip. Featuring FUZZ and VOLUME controls, as well as a SMOOTH knob which adjusts the tone balance, warmth and edginess, the pedal delivers a thick and warm fuzz tone with a center of gravity in the low to mid region.

“A couple years ago I helped Tomokaz Kawamura, of Animals Pedals, design a sweet-sounding, modded up silicon Tone Bender,” says Holl. “It was back-burnered for a while, but it has finally been released as part of the Animals Pedal line. The goal was to get as germanium of a tone as possible with silicon transistors. There’s nothing quite like germanium transistors, but this pedal captures many aspects of a true germanium Bender.”

The Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Bender is now shipping to U.S. and Canadian dealers.