Japanese switcher and effect pedal company One Control, in collaboration with renowned pedal designer Björn Juhl, is now shipping the newest addition to its BJFe collection of effects: the Silver Bee OD.

From the tonal palette of the analog effects master Juhl, Silver Bee takes players for a fresh spin around the low-gain overdrive race track. Drawing from his very sought-after Honey Bee OD design, Juhl conceived the Silver Bee to excel at capturing that “on the edge” sound, with shimmering treble just on the brink of distortion, reminiscent of classic American “silvery” combo amps.

Where the Honey Bee has a very prominent mid focus and a rich, syrupy haze of low-gain goodness, its new silver sibling has a tighter, more modern overall sound, flying along with sparkling highs, razor sharp edges, and sweet, subtly-distorted amp-like tones. Like the Honey Bee, Silver Bee offers hugely dynamic breakup, with the amount of overdrive highly controllable by the player’s hand.

Featuring Volume and Drive controls, as well as as a highly controllable 2-band EQ via Treble and Bass controls, Silver Bee caters to players who appreciate the rawness and shimmering presence of a tube amp on the brink of full breakup, and those who enjoy using various preamp and distortion-style boxes to stack their pedals. Whether you use it to kick your main drive pedal into full-on solo mode by adding just a touch of gain and high-end shimmer, or pummel the front end of this Bee with your own favorite preamp or overdrive to send it buzzing into an otherworldly overdrive of your own, or simply employ it as an “always on” pedal, the Silver Bee brings a new sting your tone.