Micro effects pedal company Outlaw Effects is introducing the Lasso Looper pedal.

LassoThis compact-sized 24 bit, 44kHz looping pedal lets you build multiple layers of guitar sound into rich sonic creations. Lasso Looper features a generous 10 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubs, and allows users to record, play back, overdub, stop and delete all at the touch of a single, easy-to-use footswitch.

Lasso Looper includes a USB cable for exporting WAV files to a computer and importing them back to the pedal, via software available at outlawguitareffects.com. The pedal requires a 9V DC power source (not included).

Lasso Looper features true bypass switching to maintain the purity of your clean tone. Like all Outlaw Effects, the pedal is housed in a durable aluminum alloy chassis, and features a staggered input/output design for a minimum footprint.

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