The RASPBERRY is a unique boost pedal designed to increase gain boost while maintaining tonal details by controlling the fine texture of the outputted distortion.  Bjorn designed this pedal to recreate the tone of a vintage boost/overdrive pedal driving an old school tube amp.

The REBEL-RED is a custom recreation of the famous BJF Dyna Red Distortion (released in 2001), which allows the player to create a thick and dark BJF-like tone while maintaining controllability of the distortion.                                                                                    .

Like all BJF Series FX pedals, they feature true-bypass switching to guarantee the purity of the player’s tone. Additionally, all the BJF pedals are powered using a 9V battery or a standard DC power supply. The BJF Series FX pedals are incredibly light (approximately 160 grams) and built using high quality, compact aluminum enclosures.


One Control has created another innovative power supply that appeals to pedalboard users looking to maximize their portability.  A first for the stomp box market, the DC-PORTER is a USB/mobile battery powered power supply, which allows you to use your pedalboard in situations where there is no power outlet nearby.

Simply use a USB adapter, such as a phone charger or mobile battery bank to power the DC-PORTER.

This allows for maximum portability. The DC-PORTER is also available as a pack (DC-PORTER-PACK), which includes a power adapter and DC cables.



Nowadays, electronic devices, such as tablets, are prevalent tools used during live music performances. With the USB-PORTER, you can now charge USB devices directly from your pedalboard and you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery. The USB-PORTER also includes two USB LED lights to enhance the player’s visibility in low-light settings.


The AGAMIDAE-TAIL-LOOP is a 6-loop programmable switcher that allows the player to save up to 100 presets/combinations (20 programmable banks, 5 programs per bank). This switcher is an affordable solution for any pedalboard enthusiast.

All these products are now shipping; contact your SFM sales representative for more information.