SupplierBasic WarrantyExceptions
AlvarezLimited lifetime
Animals Pedal1-year limited
AVANTE Audio3-year
Casio-Keyboards, synthesizers and DJ units: 1-year warranty
Pianos (CDP, PX and AP series):
Purchased in Canada: 3-year warranty
Purchased outside Canada: 1-year warranty

Pianos (Grand Hybrid series):
Purchased in Canada: 5-year warranty
Purchased outside Canada: 1-year warranty
DigiflexCustom Products: 5-year limited warranty
Fiber Optics: 1-year limited warranty
Dataflex: lifetime limited warranty
Performance: lifetime limited warranty
Premium: lifetime limited warranty
Professional Touring: lifetime limited warranty
Snakes: 5-year limited warranty
Video: lifetime limited warranty
DuesenbergLimited lifetime
KMMK1-year limited
MONOLimited lifetimeLimited warranty exceptions
Moog Music1-year
NS DesignCR Series: 5-year warranty
NXT Series: 3-year warranty
WAV Series: 2-year warranty
On-Stage Stands1-year
One Control1-year limited
Outlaw Effects1-year
QuilterAmplifiers: 3-year warranty
Footswitches, covers, cabinets, handles and cabinet hardware : 1-year warranty
All other accessories: 90-days
SKBLimited lifetimeLimited warranty exceptions
Two notes2-years
Voodoo Lab5-year

Please visit our SFM website (sfmmi.com) to obtain the warranty period on all our products.


  1. A) Product Warranty

Warranty is limited to defects occurring in normal use and does not cover product(s) that have been subject to misuse, accident, improper installation, or self-attempts to repair. SFM shall not be liable for consequential damages to equipment, loss of income, or inconvenience.

  1. B) Repair Warranty

All repairs are given a 90-day warranty applicable on that particular repair only.


Repair Guideline

If you have a product that requires servicing, we strongly suggest you ensure the product is defective before sending it.
We sometimes receive product for servicing only to find no fault with it. In these instances, we do reserve the right to charge for “No Fault Found”, even for repairs under warranty. Once you’ve confirmed that the product is defective, you should:

  1. A) Contact Tony Vaughan for further instructions via:
  1. B) In your communication with us, please indicate the problem with the product and include as much detail as possible. The more information you provide us, the easier it will be for us to diagnose the defect and process your request. If there is a serial number on the product, you will need to provide us with that as well. Also, for non-warranty repairs if you require an estimate or if you pre-approve a repair amount, please provide that information in your request.
  2. C) If the product is sent to us for service, make sure to return it in its original packaging, including packing corners. If you do not have the original packaging, please pack with sufficient packing material to avoid damage during transport. SFM cannot be held responsible for damage incurred during transport due to improper packaging. Damage due to improper packaging may result in charges back to you.
  3. D) Product sent to SFM for servicing must be sent freight prepaid. Only defective goods that were purchased within sixty (60) calendar days will be issued a call tag. If the product is under warranty, it will be shipped back to you freight prepaid.

Parts Orders

SFM’s Service department will sell service replacement parts to authorized dealers as well as to end users (at retail price). There will be a freight charge for all such warranty and non-warranty parts order. If you require any parts, please contact Gregory Dynkin via:

  • Telephone: 866-832-8679 ext. 2224 between 9:00AM and 5:00PM EST
  • Email: gregory.dynkin@sfm.ca